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Bloem Health Products B.V. has been in existence for over 100 years. Since its inception, the company has always focused on good health. Bloem Health Products B.V. has its roots in Winschoten where it started with a shop in 1912, established by Chris Bloem. In addition to serving as a pharmacy, the shop also specialized in spices. During the Second World War the store was virtually destroyed and had to be completely rebuilt.


The Bloem shop in Winschoten, around 1920

flesje C-Bloem

Original bottle from the
Bloem shop, around 1920

Fobbo Bloem

In the 1960s Fobbo Bloem, the son of Chris Bloem, took over the business. He built a flourishing clinic in Emmastraat, where people came from all parts of the Netherlands, and even abroad, for good advice on their health. So many patients visited his clinic that he was able to learn a great deal and develop these findings into his herbal preparations. Many herbs that complement each other are therefore blended in bottles or pots, and include tinctures, capsules and tablets. Fobbo Bloem not only treated the symptoms, but focused primarily on total balance within the body, using the basic principles: 1) relaxation, 2) purification and 3) elimination. This is why Bloem products are also effective and complete. Fobbo Bloem used just the right ingredients to achieve the best results. In 1984 he handed over the business to Roelof Huisman, but Fobbo always remained closely involved with Bloem.


Bloem has been continously working on making Bloem products easily available to a wider public. This has been achieved by placing products nationally in approximately 800 independent pharmacies. Stringent controls on our products (including the HACCP quality system) and their ingredients enable us to guarantee the high quality of our products. In order to continue guaranteeing that quality, our products are regularly tested by independent laboratories and undergo supplier controls.

Verpakkingen door de jaren heen

Bloem packaging over the years with blisters and outer cartons used for the past 30 years.

The primary focus of Bloem has not changed in all these years: we concentrate on good health and a natural foundation by offering superior quality products. The market has changed significantly, which is why we endeavour to remain one step ahead with our developments. Products such as the medical products, are the most recent examples. Good advice is extremely important in our sector: you are always welcome to consult your pharmacy or health food store or contact us directly with any questions.


Bloem Headquarters in Winschoten


Cleanroom where the Bloem tinctures are bottled.

The future

As previously stated, we are continuing to innovate and build up the reputation of Bloem products both in the Netherlands and internationally.

Bloem has been a market leader in health products for 100 years and the experience we have acquired during this period enables us to look forward to a bright future for the next 100 years.

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